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Where is spring??

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I can’t believe that I have not posted since August of 2008!  Where has the time gone!  I was just sending my kids off to school, and now in a few months they will be done for the summer and we will have survived I’s first year of school and kindergarten.  Yay!

The weather here has been so strange lately.  I can’t wait until spring finally gets here.  I am sick of winter!  A week ago we had temperatures in the 50s at least and it felt wonderful.  Windows open, loving it.  Then it down poured all weekend and we had to cancel our potluck and it just sucked!  Then at the end of the weekend it cooled off enough to snow and make the ground icy.  Now, the wind is blowing and we have temps in the single digits and baby it’s cold outside.

My spring break (for me) has officially started.  I am off until March 23 and looking forward to it.  I am not quite sure why though.  I am not going anywhere, I don’t have exciting plans, except to study what I can’t seem to remember for my Spanish class.  I can’t seem to grasp all of the concepts or remember any of the words from week to week.  I think my brain is shot!  I’m so frustrated with it too, I can’t even begin to imagine.

I have reconnected with some wonderful friends from high school in the past few months and have gotten together with them and their kids.  One I have known since I was like 5 years old and one since middle school.  It has been great.  It is amazing at how much time has passed, yet you can just pick up right where you left off, fill each other in on your lives since you have seen each other last and then move on and share your lives now.  It is wonderful!

More good news, one of my closest friends who has been trying for a really long time to get pregnant told us she was pregnant last weekend.  I can’t even begin to tell her how extremely happy I am for her.  I have started looking at all of my knitting patterns and my stash and trying to figure out how much I can get done before he or she is here!  Unfortunately, they are not going to find out the sex of the baby, so I will have to knit everything gender neutral.  Or, if I do some girly things, and she has a boy, I can save them for someone else who has a girl.  We have another friend who is due in June, of course she is not finding out the sex either, but we can do the same thing for her.  She is thinking it is a girl…. hmmmm, we’ll see. 🙂

Otherwise, life is pretty swell right now.  Thankfully in this awful economy our jobs are safe, so far and we are so happy about that.  We have a family reunion we would like to go to in August and a few other things coming up and we need to make sure we can make money to do all of those things, so I hope that we continue to have good luck on the work front.

Carter did the Polar Plunge in February!   I was so proud of him, and still am!  He did amazing and raised over $780 towards Special Olympics.  The team that he was on raised the most money in the state, so we are very happy about that.  The only downer is, he asked me to jump with him next year.  Yikes!  I have a year to convince him that dear dad is the better man for the job! 🙂  Let’s hope he buys that and chooses him to jump.

Now, on to the science fair on Friday and I’s tumbling meet on Monday, and hopefully a lot of knitting and studying too.  It’s going to be a busy few days.

The first day of school is almost here!

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Well, tomorrow starts our holiday weekend and then the first day of school will be upon us!  We went and met Carter’s teacher tonight.  I was really curious and she is soo young.  She seems super nice though.  I am glad that I got to go and meet her before jetting off to work.  This is her first real year teaching though. I hope that she ends up with a good group of kids.  She had been a long-term sub and then a regular sub.  Apparently she subbed for Carter’s teacher last year, but he did not remember her.  Also, he is in the same little corner of the school where Ireland will be, so I am feeling good about that.  He is down a few doors and around a corner, but just knowing they are in the same general area makes me feel good.

We have two kids’ birthday parties this weekend.  Fun, fun!  My nephew turns three and a friend’s daughter turns five.  It will be a busy weekend, but a fun one.  Then Monday we are off to the pool and hopefully taking Macie to the end-of-the-year doggie swim.  I think that Barry is the most excited of the entire family.  He absolutely can’t wait.  Hopefully Macie will be nothing like our last dog and actually enjoy swimming in the water.  Our last dog did not like water at all.  Macie is a golden retriever though, they love water, right?  We have a park not too far from us that has an actual dog beach, but we have not taken her there yet… mainly because the lakes around here are gross and always have warnings due to high levels of whatever.   They are smelly and dirty and gross.  But, hey, we can always give her a bath when she is done, right?  I will have to put that on the list for next summer.  Yikes, already putting things on the schedule for next summer and this summer is not even over yet!

Ireland had her first sleepover last night too.  She did great and used her manners and had a good time.  I am so proud of her.  It is her first time sleeping away from home at a “non-family” member’s house.  Although, they are really good friends and basically family, but it’s still different.  I was just happy to hear that she had such a good time and behaved and followed directions.  I always worry if I have taught them that and hope that when they go and visit a friend that my kids are always kind and thoughtful and respectful.

Well, I have wasted too much time on Facebook tonight.  Wow, that can really be a time sucker!  Nice to see old friends on there though.  I just found the daughter of an old friend of mine.  When I knew the Jenny she was like 10 and now she is like 21!  Crazy!  Plus, I found out my friend, whose marriage I thought was great at the time, is now divorced and her ex is remarried.  I guess things really can change a lot when you lose touch with a good friend.  I hope to reconnect with her soon!

Countdown to school has officially begun!

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Well, we have seven more days until school officially starts.  I am a little sad because it will be Ireland’s first year in school.  My baby is starting kindergarten.  It will be my last first day at kindergarten.  I am now a mom of two school-age children.  No longer one school-age child and one preschooler.  It will be weird.  We are moving into a new step in our lives, a new era for our family.  Ireland was especially excited because she got the great Ms. L for her kindergarten teacher.  Carter had her for kindergarten and he had such a great experience and great introduction to school, that I was hoping Ireland would have the same teacher, and she does!  Yea!

Carter is moving into second grade.  We know who his teacher is, but know nothing about her.  This is not unusual with Carter because he is our oldest and the first to enter each grade, so we don’t usually know anything about his teacher, but this year even more so because she is not listed on the school web page and I found out that the kids believe she was a substitute teacher and now she must have been hired on full time.  We will meet her next week at the school drop in.  It is a day to drop off supplies, meet the teacher and see the classroom.  Carter at least is excited about school anyway.  He said he is missing all of his friends.  He saw a few over the summer, but not many.  It is so different from when I was his age.  We had some many friends in the neighborhood we were able to ride our bike up and down our street and see many friends, but with Carter and with our neighborhood, he only sees one girl from school from his grade.  I can’t wait to move out of our neighborhood to one with more kids, but in the same school.  We really like the school and don’t want to move away from that – we hope!

Well, I had my annual neuro appointment last week to hear the results of my MRI.  It was good news.  Nothing has changed.  The three brain lesions that are there have not changed at all.  Every year before the appointment I go into panic mode and wonder if anything has changed, but low and behold, nothing has.  They have pretty much ruled out MS as the cause.  The doc says if it was going to be MS, it would have developed more symptoms by now and that is a great relief.  He told me that it was probably scar tissue from a virus that I had at some point in my life, possibly around the time of the big seizure, but he can’t be for certain.  I will stay on the meds, just more for peace of mind than really to prevent a seizure.  I mean, one could always happen, but the probability of that is not high at this moment in my life.  I am really happy that things are great and I don’t have to think about it for another year!  Wooo hooo!

Well, summer is ending, the pool is closing and school is beginning.  Time to get ready for some big changes!

Barry’s home… thank goodness!

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It has been a long few days with Barry in DC visiting a friend. The kids have been crabby, and I have been crabby and it just has been a crabby few days. We had friends stay overnight on Friday and while they always have a good time playing with their buddies, they always stay up too late, get up too early and then are crabby for like 2 days afterwards! I know I could have put them to bed earlier, but hey, it is summer and they were with friends. They went outside and caught fireflies and were just laughing and running around the backyard… how could you send them to bed? They actually played pretty well this time too. My friend’s son is pretty competitive and likes to always be the best at whatever they are doing and Carter is not that way, so sometimes there are some arguments, but this time, none. I was so glad!

We went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and ended up going later than I would have liked due to rain, so it was crowded and warm and my kids were thirsty and could not find just the right treat, so they were bears! But, we survived and then after our friends left, we hit the pool in the afternoon for a few hours. It was nice to just sit outside and let the kids just play together and have fun. Not too many weeks left with the pool, so we have to enjoy it while we can.

And the Americans just won the men’s 400m relay!!!! Wooo, hoooo! Way to show France what we can do!!! Michael Phelps rocks! That race was friggin’ awesome!! I love watching the summer Olympics… swimming, diving, gymnastics… it is always so exciting. Speaking of gymnastics, the women’s team really had a tough time, both with their routines and the judging. Some of the girls just got robbed on their beam routines, but what can you do. It is a whole new judging system that is supposed to be better, but who knows if it actually will be or not.

This week will be pretty busy. It is the last week of the kids’ activities, besides swimming, so it will settle down the following week. I also leave on Thursday for our girls’ weekend. This year it is kind of disappointing because we are not really going anywhere. No cottage, no camping, no hotel, no nothing! I am staying at my sister’s which will be nice and we are just taking some day trips. I just hope next year we will actually “do” something. It will be nice to get us all together though and that is what really matters.

Where is my summer going?

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We have been pretty busy this summer and it is totally flying by.  It is August already and in a few weeks, my little one is going to her Kindergarten orientation!  Yowzers!  She can’t be going to kindergarten already… isn’t she still like 2 years old??

We joined a neighborhood pool this summer and it was probably one of the best decisions we have made in our lives.  The kids have friends there, they do swimming lessons and we all are just having a great time swimming, spending time outside, chatting with friends.  I almost hate for summer to end and the pool to close because that means another 9 months until we can go again.  Damn, why do we live in Wisconsin again where the summer season is so short???

Well, tomorrow I am having another ear tube revision surgery.  This is like my 64th!  No, probably my 3rd.  And let me remind you, I am in my 30s and did not have ear tubes put in until I probably was 30!  I tell everyone I know, I hit 30 and things started falling apart!  Who else has ear tubes put in as an adult?  Yeah, I didn’t think you knew anyone else.  So anyway, getting nervous about that, even though the surgery is like all of 15 minutes or so.

Plus, I had my yearly (well, a little late more 1.5 year) MRI on Monday.  I won’t find out the results until later this month.  I always get super nervous/anxious on the days leading up to the MRI and then again on the days leading up to the neuro appointment.  Nothing has changed in 7 years so far, why should this be the year that things change.  I feel good.  I don’t feel like anything has changed, so, I try not to worry about it.  So, we will just have to wait a few more weeks until we get the “all’s good” from the doctor.

Oh, and here is some juicy gossip…. while reading another friend’s blog, I found out she had a s-e-x dream about my husband.  OMG!  That totally cracks me up!  While I should be honored, flattered… I should feel something… I guess thinking it is funny may not be the correct response to that.  I don’t think hubby knows and I have not said anything.  I don’t want to give her away because from her blog it seemed like she would be terribly embarrassed.  I just figured it out because she gave about 2 too many details about the situation and I realized that she was talking about my hubby!

Finally, I have a friend coming this weekend to spend a night with her two kids.  It should be a lot of fun.  The kids always have a blast and we get to chat and catch up.  We can also talk about our girls’ weekend which is happening next weekend and I can’t wait.  We are not actually doing anything too spectacular this year.  I am going to drive home and then we are going to do some day trips on Friday and Saturday.  We are going to go to the Redgranite Quarry one of the days. We used to go there when we were in high school and college, so we are going to relive those days! Then we are going to just go shopping at a bunch of piddly towns and just enjoy the day together. I am looking forward to it and counting down the days. Yes, I will miss my family, but I need a mini-vacation.

Ahhh, the addiction of Facebook

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So, I have to say, I was up on the Crackbook Facebookwebsite for quite a while. Now, all of a sudden it seems like everywhere I go and anyone I know is getting on Facebook. It has exploded over the past week. Amazing! It is kind of cool to see everyone’s family and how everyone has changed (or stayed the same) since high school or college. It is a great way to reconnect with people who you have not seen in a long time, friends and family (especially those out of state) and other people from different areas of your life.

I also was able to connect with a few groups of people from the other addiction I have: Ravelry.

As far as other stuff going on. Kids had swimming and diving lessons again today. Sign up for next session is on Wednesday and I think they are going to be at this level for quite some time. I just don’t see them progressing me. And, that’s okay. I know they are doing great and having fun. Carter is doing okay in diving as well. He had a different coach today who finally got him to dive off of the board. He dove off of the board the very first day of class, maybe the second too, but after that, only the side of the pool and the block. Today, the guy got up on the board with Carter after Carter starting to go and stopping – repeatedly. Then, to my amazement, Carter dove off of the board! Not half bad either! I found out after class the instructor said if Carter dove off of the board, he would dive off of the lifeguard stand. So, they both kept their word. I, however, missed the instructor go off of the lifeguard stand. That would have been fun to see! Carter was really proud of himself after lessons today too.

I have my MRI on Friday. That has been starting to weigh on my mind too, as it does every year at this time. I am always scared that something will have changed and that the lesions have somehow gotten bigger this time. Then, when it is over, and the doctor shows me the scans and reassures me that it is fine, then I am fine. This time, however, I have the MRI on Friday, and I don’t have the doctor’s appointment until August 20! That is a long time to have to wait and be anxious about it. Hopefully I will be so busy in the next few weeks studying for my state certifications, shuffling kids to activities and my girls’ weekend that I won’t have time to even think about it. Until then, I will keep my fingers crossed that all is good!

I originally got on it because of family members who signed up for it, and then it branched out slowly… until last week. Will it ever cause me to reconnect with someone enough to go and meet them again in person… who knows? High school is kind of a time in my life I don’t really want to return to. I mean it was okay, I had great friends, but I can honestly say, I have better friends now and stronger friendships with the friends I have now. Some of them I have had since high school or even longer (like preschool/kindergarten) and others later in life. But, do I want to move backwards? I don’t know. I will just have to see what this new “community” brings about.